Rhythm lessons started!

Thursdays 18.00-20.00 & Saturdays 14.00-16.00

The classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate players who would like to improve their technique/playing.

We focus on darbuka as the main instrument and introduce you to the basic strokes and the most common rhythms. We practice together and as the classes continue we will step into the split-hand and more advanced techniques.

Beginner classes require no musical background. If you don’t have a drum, we have plenty of instruments that you can use during the class.

Each class will be two hours. You can register monthly to one or both of the classes on Thursdays and Saturdays.
Classes will start on Saturday, 16th November. 🎉

Lessons will be held by Hakan Kaya and Anton Johansson in Sonika Percussion Rhythm Atelier in Galata Istanbul.

For registration and more details please send email to: [email protected] or contact +90 5366544719.

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