Darbuka Courses

Sonika Percussion presents online darbuka courses for all level players with more than 90 videos. You can choose the best fitting course to your need among various course packages available. To access the courses you can click here.

This series of online courses is a further extension of Sonika Percussion’s dream of reaching out to more people all around the world who share the same rhythm passion, look for ways to start playing darbuka or to improve their advanced techniques. Learn Darbuka courses are led by Hakan Kaya who is a professional percussionist.

In these courses Hakan Kaya walks you through the lessons with a step by step approach. This is the first online darbuka course led by a Turkish darbuka player. With close up camera shots and slow motions, you will be able to catch the finger moves of the instructor in full details and will have the opportunity to improve your level rapidly.

Once you register to web site, you will have free access to the Forum where you can chat with the instructor, other players, musicians, anyone having interest on darbuka. You can raise questions, add your comments, share your experience with others. 

Our Learn Darbuka platform provides unlimited access to you anytime anywhere.