Sonika Percussion offers Riq Cymbals (jingles) fully made in Turkey. A riq has 5 pairs of jingles along with a natural or synthetic skin. It can be played by striking, stroking and shaking, which creates a rich jingling and thudding sound. Sonika Percussion riq collection cymbals are made from bronze or brass with hand-hammered options. We prefer 0.80mm. sized cymbals in our natural skin topped riq collection and 1mm. sized cymbals in synthetic skin topped riq collection.

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Professional Tunable Riq

$ 259,00
  • Body Material: Mahagony wood
  • Skin Diameter: 23cm
  • Width: 5cm
  • Cymbals:Hammered Brass
  • It comes  with;
    • Good Quality Padded Gigbag Case and tuning key