There are different forms of frame drums which are given different names in all over the world. It takes the name Bendir in Turkey, Daf in Iran and changes the name in different lands of the world. The shape of a frame drum is usually round, and additional rhythms effects like chains, jingles, cymbals, snairs. may be attached to frame drum.
Frame drum is commonly played by hand or on the knee and also there are types of frame drums that are played with sticks. The playing technique includes striking and rubbing the skin, shaking the frame to activate rhythm effects attached to the drum like jingles. The larger the size of a frame drum the deeper the sound goes.
Sonika Percussion frame drums are fully hand-made and compatible for both stage and studio. Skin diameter varies between 35cm – 60cm and skin types are usually goat and cow skin as well as synthetic skin. Mahogany and walnut wooden frames are used to form the body of drums. Sonika Percussion produces both air tuning system frame drums which provide a quick tuning solution and regular (interior and exterior) tunable system frame drums.You can buy daf from both Sonika Percussion store in Galata Istanbul in Turkey or from online shop .

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Professional Daf-Erbane Tunable

$ 229,00
  • Skin:Synthetic
  • Skin Diameter: 50 cm
  • Width: 7cm
  • Tunable 
  • It comes  with;
    • Professional Quality Gigbag Case