In clay darbuka, natural skin is used on the head. Natural skin is sensitive to weather conditions, particularly to humidity. The skin top gets loosened during humid weather and tuning lamp system helps the natural skin to be tuned by providing a moderate level of heating. So tuning lamp system is a great help if you are playing clay darbuka, mainly for recording and stage performance.
While using tuning lamp system, its dimmer is set to max level for 5-10 minutes inside the middle of clay darbuka, without bringing it close to the skin. Otherwise skin would get deformed or burned. After 5-10 minutes, turn down the dimmer to a low value and keep it during the darbuka play. In this way you can keep the heat within the skin.
Tuning system should not be used frequently and only be used when the skin is loosened during humidity. Frequent usage of the tuning lamp system would make the skin aged sooner than its natural life time.

You can find tuning lamp system in Sonika Percussion online shop and in our store in Galata Istanbul Turkey.

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